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Build Selenium Web Automation Without Writing Code

By | April 12th, 2017|

With our latest release of Leaptest Version 2.0, many new features have been added, but  undoubtedly the most important news is that Leaptest now supports Selenium, which helps you solve the most important web automation requirements today. You can now build web automation with complete Selenium WebDriver support directly from the visual automation editor in Leaptest. [...]

Getting Started with Test Automation

By | January 28th, 2017|

The increasing need for velocity in software development demands faster testing processes, and test automation has been called the answer. It is the answer in many ways, but automation tools are complex to learn as well as to use. Understanding how the individual tools work and how to reach the full potential with test automation is [...]

Thank you Eurostar

By | November 4th, 2016|

3 days of Eurostar have come to an end. We are looking back at a week full of interesting conversations with your Eurostar delegates, speakers and other exhibitors. We highly appreciate your interest. Also a special thank you to all of you, enthusiastic contestants that took part in our Eurostar competition. The Grand Prize - a MacBook Air 13" [...]

We’re showcasing at Eurostar this week

By | November 1st, 2016|

2016 Eurostar Conference has started. We’re still smiling upon an exciting first day. We have met and talked to so many interesting software testing delegates, and we’re impressed by the creative test automation cases that many of our visitors managed to create simply by dropping by the stand and giving Leaptest a spin. It proves that [...]

Meet us today at NowForum in London

By | October 27th, 2016|

We have partnered up with BusinessNow at today's NowForum in London. Meet us at the stand and get a live demo of Leaptest. If you're not around, we'll also attend next week's 2016 Eurostar conference in Stockholm. Learn more about codeless test automation with Leaptest TRY LEAPTEST FREE [...]

Why Leaptest is 10 times faster than regular test automation tools

By | June 14th, 2016|

Regular test automation tools not only require a sophisticated understanding of the technology stack, code frameworks and development methods. They also require learning either a proprietary scripting language or have professional-level experience with programming languages such as Java, Python or similar.Building test automation cases without the complex process of writing code makes Leaptest more than 10 [...]