With our latest release of Leaptest Version 2.0, many new features have been added, but  undoubtedly the most important news is that Leaptest now supports Selenium, which helps you solve the most important web automation requirements today.

You can now build web automation with complete Selenium WebDriver support directly from the visual automation editor in Leaptest. Point and click web elements directly in the browser with your mouse to uniquely identify elements in your web automation case. It’s as fast as always with Leaptest, and without writing a single line of code.

20+ new web blocks based on Selenium WebDriver automation

We have added 20+ new building blocks for Selenium web automation that lets you interact effortlessly with web elements across nested iframes, using dropdown and checkboxes, handle challenging DOM changes, XHR requests and much, much more.

Cross-browser automation on your own computer, Selenium Grid or in the cloud

Automate any web browser and perform parallel, cross-browser test automation without having to write a single line of code. It all works by connecting familiar, easy-to-use Leaptest building blocks into visual flowcharts. Design and run your web automation cases on your own computer or use your existing Selenium Grid or cloud services such as Sauce Labs or BrowserStack.

Working with web automation is now easier than ever before:

  • No more fiddling around with XPATH and nested iframes

  • No need to waste valuable time on writing code

  • No need to understand the Selenium framework

  • No need to understand coding languages like Java and C#

  • Super fast codeless Selenium web automation

  • Point and click web elements on the web page

  • Built-in integration to Sauce Labs and Browserstack

  • Use your existing Selenium Grid with Leaptest

  • Trigger your test cases from Jenkins and other third party systems


Watch Leaptest automate your typical testing challenges

In order to showcase just how easy it is to build Selenium based web automation with Leaptest, we took the testing challenge over at Dave Haeffner’s The Internet, sporting dozens of challenging everyday testing scenarios. For every challenge we made a short video, demonstrating just how easy it is to handle with Leaptest. Watch the brief video introduction to the concept or skip directly to the individual challenges below.