The increasing need for velocity in software development demands faster testing processes, and test automation has been called the answer. It is the answer in many ways, but automation tools are complex to learn as well as to use. Understanding how the individual tools work and how to reach the full potential with test automation is all hidden behind a steep learning curve. We have changed this with Leaptest. Forget about understanding complex frameworks in order to benefit from test automation.

Leaptest is very simple to learn and use, yet very capable for all testing requirements. By watching this one hour introduction you’ll learn how to get started building you first test automation case today. Start benefitting from automated testing directly in your existing business processes right after watching this video.

Leaptest comes with a risk-free 14 days trial with full support and live chat assistance. No credit card needed for you to evaluate Leaptest. Download a free trial now and watch the video above to get started.

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