Leaptest’s REST API makes it very easy for devops, IT operations and developers to integrate with any third-party system.

All it takes are four simple steps to trigger a test suite to run from a script and then for instance automatically create or update bugs in TFS, JIRA, HPQC or any other system as needed. Include links to Leaptest’s built-in video recordings, case logs, captured screenshots and much more.

Here’s an example from JIRA:

Leaptest integrated with JIRA. Bugs are automatically created in JIRA when tests fail in Leaptest.

And here’s another example from HP Quality Center:

Leaptest integrated with HP Quality Center (HPQC). Bugs are automatically created in HPQC when tests fail in Leaptest.

We’ve made a few ready-to-run examples for your devops or IT guys to copy and modify to your requirements:

  1. TFS (Visual Studio Online) integration
  2. JIRA integration
  3. HP Quality Center integration
  4. Other third-party integration

It just needs to be setup once, then you can continue managing bugs and tasks in your favorite Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system.

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