In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the many user experience updates we’ve released during July and August to make Leaptest even more productive and easy to work with.

New building block, log screenshot in Leaptest

Navigating large test cases is now a lot easier thanks to the new pan/zoom widget found on the lower-right corner of the canvas:

  1. Using either the widget or holding down the SPACE key, the canvas can be panned
  2. Using either the widget or the mouse scroll wheel, the canvas can be zoomed in and out
  3. Clicking the “zoom to fit” widget button, pan and zoom is automatically set to fit the entire case

Grouping (and ungrouping) blocks

Any number of blocks can now be grouped and ungrouped using a right-click context menu or the shortcut CTRL+G. This makes it far easier to structure and overview even large and complex cases.

Log screenshot

The new building block Log screenshot now enables users to capture a full screenshot at any time during test runs and review later.

Start actions

The Start building block, which is the starting point of all test automation cases, has been extended to allow the user to select one of two actions:

  1. Close all open windows
  2. Minimize all open windows

A third option to customize actions for named windows and processes is in active development and is expected to be released in Q3 2016.

For more information about these and other features, please visit the product documentation.

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