Jenkins in one of the world’s most popular automation servers, powering continuous integration and delivery processes for development teams of all sizes. It’s a key component in many test automation efforts because it can be used to automatically create test environments and trigger test suites to run when new builds are deployed to those environment.

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Leaptest is the world’s first codeless test automation tool that lets testers build complex cases without writing a single line of code. At the same time, Leaptest is built with integration in mind as a completely open platform and includes a full REST API. This makes it a great fit for continuous integration and delivery processes driven by Jenkins (among others).

Getting started can be as simple as visiting our Learning Center and copying a snippet of Jenkins pipeline setup code:

Leaptest Jenkins pipeline example

If you are already a customer, we invite you to talk to Priority Support, who can help you build a Leaptest+Jenkins integration that fits with your specific requirements.

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