We have some exciting news about Leaptest that we want to share with you all.

Starting in March 2017, we will fully support Selenium so you can automate any web browser and perform parallel, cross-browser test automation without having to write a single line of code. It all works by connecting familiar, easy-to-use Leaptest building blocks into visual flowcharts.

Leaptest supports selenium and all browsers for cross-browser testing

Because we’re building Selenium WebDriver directly into Leaptest, you will be able to run your test cases not just on your own computer but also on Selenium Grid, Sauce Labs and many other providers of physical and virtualized hardware and devices.

We’re currently working hard on adding the necessary infrastructure and almost 20 new building blocks dedicated to giving you a far more productive Selenium experience than ever before, including mixing and matching Selenium building blocks with our existing image and text recognition blocks!

It’s not all ready yet, but here is a small preview. It shows a simple example of how to perform a login on the social trading system tradingfloor.com:


During the first weeks of February, we will begin rolling out early access to a limited number of partners and customers. If you would like to participate in our early access, please send an email to sales@leaptest.com and we’ll be in touch very soon!