Today, Leaptest version 1.0.45 was released.

This latest version is a roll-up of many highly requested features and bug fixes. Among the most important features are:

  • Type text now supports sending text as individual characters. This can be very useful when typing into old Flash, Silverlight, Java and other non-standard application types as well as telnet/VT/3270 terminals.
  • New Press key and Release key building blocks were added to handle scenarios such as pressing and holding a key on the keyboard and then dragging the mouse.
  • Text input fields on many different building blocks now automatically receive focus when the block is added to a test case.
  • When relevant, a popup message now warns about checking firewall settings in the Controller page under Settings when communication links are broken.
  • The overall building block properties design has been improved for better usability.
  • A new “Getting started” process now attempts to give new users a better introduction to Leaptest.
  • SHIFT + scroll mouse now scrolls the test case canvas horizontally, which makes it easier to navigate large test cases.
  • As a shortcut, when hovering an “Add field” button with a blue wire, a new field is automatically created.
  • All recorded videos now include a watermark with licensing information and timestamp so that the individual recording is easy to identify.

More than 200 bugs were fixed before the release of this version. Among the most annoying and visible were:

  • Studio: Arrows, SPACE and ENTER buttons do not always work for Press key input field
  • Studio: Error during import when attempting to open an insecure zip file
  • Studio: Small lags detected during open ‘Edit case’ from reporting (desirable for release)
  • Studio: Error during type text into some Silverlight and Flash input fields
  • Studio: After attempt to change Controller, old data was not properly removed
  • Studio: Error during attempt add building block after closing a group
  • Studio: Error shown in logs after Controller refresh
  • Studio: Error during attempt open case after Controller refresh
  • Studio: Zoom to fit should be always multiple of 5
  • Controller: Error when stopping a running schedule
  • Studio: Value input/output blocks should be blue
  • Studio Compare building block did not support certain types
  • Studio: Environment window scales up/down during mouse movement
  • Studio: Some custom building blocks become invisible during first opening of a case
  • Studio: Scheduled action “Run powershell script” doesn’t work in some scenarios
  • Controller: Help index not loaded correctly
  • Studio: Position changed for some blocks after redirect from “edit case” in reports
  • Studio: Error during attempt refresh database columns for unsuitable environment
  • Studio: Error while opening and closing video from some “Getting started” tutorials
  • Studio: Database block temporarily hangs during attempt refresh and “open”
  • Studio: Empty message after refresh for SELECT from some tables in database block
  • Studio: Time elapsed of query execution not included
  • Studio: Await not found does not always not work
  • Studio: Some building blocks not loaded after click on “edit case” from reporting due to Controller lag
  • Controller: Error during API call after switching to another controller
  • Studio: “Something went wrong” sometimes shown during case runs
  • Studio: Removing runs from reporting while scheduler is running leads to temporary “Connection to controller failed”
  • Studio: Error during save case in some scenarios

..and many others.

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