Update: Release version 1.0.46 was quickly replaced by 1.0.47 due to an issue with the previous release that we wanted to correct sooner rather than later.

Today, Leaptest version 1.0.46 was released.

This latest version includes several strong productivity-enhancing features:

  • Image variations both in terms of shape and color changes as well as screen resolution differences can now be handled with image collections. An image collection is simply multiple representations of the same user interface element bundled together and understood as one. For more, see this blog post.
  • Groups and custom building blocks now show execution in/out connectors in the block header. Previously, these connectors were displayed as individual building block properties, which has been considered a visual annoyance for many users and now that has been changed.
  • An export/import feature has been added in the projects pane so that individual test cases or/and entire projects can be exported and then imported on the same or another computer.

More than 55 bugs were fixed before the release of this version. Among the most annoying and visible were:

  • Agent: Key press building block did not always work
  • Studio: Error during attempt to use filter while project loading
  • Studio: Error during API request to get custom building blocks
  • Studio: Error during deleting images via keyboard
  • Studio: Multiple “Add case” popups opened after multiple clicks on “New” during start-up
  • Studio: Error and multiple “An error occcured” popup windows during Controller refresh
  • Studio: Drag blue wire to “Add field” on some blocks made other fields invisible
  • Studio: Error during attempt to remove unused images before loading finished
  • Studio: Error occurred during attempt to create group from several “Value Input” blocks
  • Studio: Undo/Redo did not work for “Group” keyboard shortcut
  • Studio: Error during API request during project import with image collections
  • Studio: Image can be dropped from image fields when value is taken from input
  • Studio: Error during attempt to open case via edit from reporting screen
  • Studio: Error during capture on local display 1 on some systems
  • Studio: Error after ungroup when no Execution Output block is added
  • Studio: Wires disappear in old groups
  • Studio: Wires are in wrong order after upgrade
  • Studio: Deadlock can happen after undo for newly created custom building block
  • Studio: Error during ungroup in some scenarios
  • Studio: Crash during attempt to open old case with group or custom building block
  • Studio: Edit Image rename field was disabled by mistake

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