Update: Release version 1.0.50 was replaced by 1.0.51 today to upgrade the tutorial as well as the latest Selenium bits with various fixes.

Today, Leaptest version 1.0.50 was released. This latest version is primarily a maintenance release, but it does include two important new developments:

  • A starting tutorial, which helps new users design their first test case in less than one minute. The tutorial also integrates with our new Learning Center, which contains a multitude of videos and articles about how to work with Leaptest.
  • The first preview bits for our upcoming support of web testing with Selenium, which can be unlocked for those participating in our “preview bug-hunt”.

Leaptest Selenium Excel example

Working with our web blocks, which drive browsers with Selenium, means you can design and run cross-browser tests that run on any Selenium WebDriver infrastructure, such as Sauce Labs or your internal Selenium Grid.

If you’re an enterprise and want to use the power of Selenium for web testing, but don’t want to waste days and weeks on code, write us an email and we’ll setup a demo.

More than 20 bugs were fixed and user experience tweaks added before the release of this version. Among the most annoying and visible were:

Studio: Errors for folders with images that were moved to another folder in some scenarios
Studio: Ability to highlight and navigate to images from building block context menu
Studio: Error when pressing F12 during the execution of web blocks
Studio: Error when finding elements during iterations
Studio: “Await not found” doesn’t always work on web blocks
Studio: Change main menu item “Support” to point to overall support site
Studio: Web inspector requires several clicks on “Select from screen” to capture an element
Studio: Web inspector error during click on Save button when invoked from existing building block
Studio: Web inspector capture watermark shlould be removed before running case
Studio: Error during attempt to save captured web element when web tab is still not loaded yet
Studio: Significant “Find uniqueness” algorithm improvements
Studio: Web inspector error when trying to open edited web element
Studio: Web inspector error after click on validate button when all web conditions were removed
Studio: Tutorial popup should be shown after user is logged in
Studio: Lock-down of other functionality during tutorial
Studio: ‘Position found’ and ‘Area found’ errors in web blocks
Studio: “Type web text” fields changed order of fields
Studio: Re-using the selector doesn’t work from block to block

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