Today, Leaptest version 1.0.53 was released. This latest version is primarily a major update of the early access bits for our upcoming Selenium support, which is not enabled for all users.

One of the many ways we validate how well the new web functionality works is to create test cases against, a well thought out list of difficult-to-test scenarios by Dave Haeffner. At time of writing, the support looks like this:

Leaptest Selenium support wip table

If you’re an enterprise and want to use the power of Selenium for web testing, but don’t want to waste days and weeks on code, write us an email and we’ll setup a demo and help you get started with our new web blocks.

More than 30 bugs were fixed and user experience tweaks added before the release of this version, mainly related to the new web blocks. Among the most annoying and visible were:

Studio: Improve web cases execution speed
Studio: Learning Game changes to make it easier to understand
Installer: Backup information popup and icon in task manager
Studio: Error when creating a new case in some scenarios
Installer: Backup information popup shown on wrong screen in multi-screen configurations
Studio: Various errors recorded in logs fixed
Studio: Web inspector temporarily hangs during attempt to capture web element
Studio: Web elements not loaded for some cases with saved state
Studio: ESC key does not work when working with web inspector
Studio: Get web text/number doesn’t work with text inside of web element
Studio: Browser was not closed during execution in loop
Studio: Web inspector window is not brought to the front when capture through context menu
Studio: XPath errors found for web elements on some websites, no strategies loaded
Studio: ‘Remove’ window doesn’t contain details about used web element/folder
Studio: Web Inspector window covers taskbar when is opened in full mode
Studio: Meta-data was shifted off the screen
Studio: Error when typing time in schedules
Studio: Web tree not loaded when validating web elements from some websites
Installer: Backup information popup must be always on top
Studio: Web inspector temporarily hangs during validate web element while devtools are open
Studio: Get web text with filter does not work on all websites
Studio: Delay between displaying and case execution
Studio: Web elements are not highlighted properly if it not completely visible
Studio: No strategies generated for some web elements
Studio: Timeout error when validating/selecting after capture in the same browser
Studio: Unable to connect to the remote server when scroll web tree after closing browser
Studio: ‘Error occurred during XPath generator’, Studio stopped working
Studio: Error finding elements, tree is not loaded for some websites
Studio: Error when trying to undo/redo in Edit Group with web building blocks

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