Today, our much anticipated version 2.0 of Leaptest was released.

With it, you will be able to solve business problems and ship high-quality software using the fastest, easiest and most business-focused desktop and web automation platform in the world.

The most important news in version 2.0 is our full support for Selenium, which helps you solve the most important web automation issues faced today:

  • Stay ahead of the curve: Boost your productivity 10x by wiring up visual building blocks anyone can understand at a glance.
  • Remove the technical doublespeak: No programming, no fiddling with “xpath” or wobbly “iframe hacks”. Just capture web elements directly in the browser with your mouse.
  • Create rock-solid automation: Instead of flaky record-and-playback that’s impossible to maintain, create automation that you can change when the world does.
  • Great for consulting and agencies: Finally solve the quality problem when delivering continuously to many clients. You know what we mean.

Start by designing and running automation cases on your own computer. Then scale up and out by using either an on-site Selenium Grid or cloud services such as Sauce Labs or Browserstack to run in parallel and across browers and platforms.

Leaptest supports selenium and all browsers for cross-browser testing

For more information about how to get started with Leaptest version 2.0 and the new web automation features, please visit our Learning Center.