Leaptest has a unique, built-in ability to loop through any images, text and numbers that has been found on-screen, allowing for very quick and visual creation of even highly complex automation tasks.

One way to use this powerful feature is to select “Use all occurrences” on any of the building blocks that work with image or text recognition. Whatever you wire up to happen will then be repeated for all the occurrences of the captured image or text.

Here is a simple example that drags all png-files found on a Windows desktop to the Tashcan:

Automate looping, dragging all png files to the recycle bin using Leaptest

Here’s another example that combines looping through occurrences with a format, a filter and automatic scrolling to find an item on an eBay page that costs less than USD 90. Incredibly, this can be achieved with only one Get number building block:

Get numbers with format and filtering using Leaptest

To learn more about these and other unique features in Leaptest, watch our tutorial video series or cut the learning curve and participate in one of our upcoming webinars.

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