We’re pleased to announce, that we have added three new building blocks this week, that can help solve various types of test automation challenges.

Drag mouse building block is used to drag (and drop) using the mouse pointer from one position on screen to another. Optionally, the action can wait until there has been no movement on the screen for a given period of time. Typically, this block gets the start and end positions from other blocks, such as Find imageGet text or Get number blocks:

The Loop building block is used to create explicit loops, triggering something to happen a specific number of times, counting from a minimum to a maximum value. For instance, a loop can trigger something to happen 10 times, counting from 1 to 10:

The Log message building block is used to write a message to the case run log, typically as part of debugging efforts while a case is being built or maintained:

The following example shows how the Log message block can be used to write debugging messages to the case run log. Find text block is used to find the word “automation” on the screen. The Position found value is passed into an added Text field in the Log message block, which is used as a token in the message itself.

To learn more about these and other unique features in Leaptest, please visit our product documentation or cut the learning curve and participate in one of our upcoming webinars.

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