Learning Center


When you evaluate Leaptest you will typically go through the following steps:

  1. Setup a goal for the evaluation. Typical goals are:
    • Technology fit: Can Leaptest automate my software?
    • Test cases: 2-3 processes that proves that Leaptest can do the job
  1. Download a FREE trial:
    • Download and install Leaptest on your local computer and start testing in a few minutes
    • Download FREE Trial
  1. Use our Training & Learning Center to build your first test cases and find inspiration to meet your requirements

Adoption Process

When you have chosen Leaptest as your platform for automation, you will typically go through some phases as part of onboarding and adoption of Leaptest. Use the links to get more info about these topics:

  • Installation
  • Architecture
  • Governance
  • Test planning

Support – sources of Knowledge:

With Leaptest you are never more than a click away from ”something that can help you”. Leaptest offers the following sources of help, training and inspiration:

  • Training & Learning Center
  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer Success: Our fantastic team dedicated to your success. Click here to see how you can get them to help you!
  • Partners