Say goodbye to slow and complex GUI automation

GUI automation of any web and desktop application


Why Leaptest?

  • GUI automation without writing code

  • Supports all web and desktop applications

  • 10 x faster than regular GUI automation tools

  • Eeasy to learn, low maintenance

Get started with GUI automation in just minutes – not hours or days

Build your GUI automation flows with Leaptest by connecting easy-to-use building blocks into automation flowcharts instead of writing code.

GUI automation of any web and desktop application

Automate GUI testing of any application, literally anything you can see on screen using Leaptest’s multiple test automation technologies. Combine the advanced image and text recognition technology for desktop applications with Selenium compatible GUI automation of web applications – directly from the visual automation editor.

Build GUI automation of any web and desktop application from the comfort of the automation editor. Work fluently with images, text and numbers and drive mouse and keyboard actions, allowing you to automate quick and visually across automation technologies, even of highly complex GUI automation requirements.


Live Reports

Turn data into knowledge. Live Reports is a powerful tool that gives you insight to make the right decisions in less time. Filter out noise and get to the bottom of the real problems faster.

Customizable scheduling

Create fully customizable run schedules of your test automation cases on both local and remote environments. Setup actions on failure to integrate with bug tracking or management systems.

Reports and dashboards

Get the complete overview from one place. Understand quality trends with highly flexible dashboards. Troubleshoot and fix problems fast before they impact your business.


Plug Leaptest into your existing build and ALM systems

Plug Leaptest into your Continuous Delivery pipeline and integrate with your existing build and ALM systems or any other application using our full featured and public REST API.

Your DevOps guys are going to love it and your end-users will, too.

Local and remote GUI automation – on-premise or in the cloud

Run GUI automation locally or remotely on any computer using the runtime agent. On-premise, in closed networks or in the cloud.

  • De-coupled architecture – Design test automation cases in Studio, execute on any device with the Runtime Agent and let Controller handle execution, scheduling, monitoring and assets.

  • Works in poor network conditions – Test automation cases are sent to the agent ahead of executing, eliminating breaking of tests due to latency and network lagging.

  • Safe data handling – control where and how your test data is stored and secure testing of critical and confidential systems and data inside corporate or closed networks.

Create advanced interaction with useful automation features

  • Data driven automation
    Connect and drive data from documents, endpoints and databases

  • Real user-like interaction
    Click, drag and drop elements in and between applications with ease

  • Use numbers and variables
    Read numbers, set and get values and use the advanced math functions

  • Command line automation
    Automate and exchange dynamic data with power shell and bat files

  • APIs and HTTP requests
    Call external sources and use the results live in your flow

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