Say Hello to Automated Remote Testing

Build remote test automation without writing a single line of code


Why Leaptest?

  1. Remote testing without writing code
  2. 10 x faster than regular remote testing
  3. Supports all applications and technologies
  4. Excellent customer service

Solve remote test cases in minutes instead of hours or days


Build your test cases as visual flowcharts

Now you can create test cases as visual flowcharts, by connecting easy-to-use building blocks in the visual designer tool. Then run on any local or remote environment.


Capture anything on screen

Capture anything on screen using advanced image and text recognition, and insert it into the flowchart.

Interact with any desktop content on remote environments, even dynamic content and responsive layouts, just like a real user would.

Enjoy robust and lag-free remote testing in any network conditions

Build and run test cases either locally, or build them locally and run remotely on any other Windows or macOS / OSX computer with the Leaptest agent installed, including cloud servers.

The Leaptest architecture works in even poor network conditions, and eliminates remote tests breaking due to latency and network lagging.

Integrate with TFS, JIRA, HP…

Plug Leaptest into your Continuous Delivery pipeline and integrate with your existing software build products, bug-tracking tools, application life-cycle management and much more.


Supports all technologies

Create robust and automated remote test cases on literally anything you can see on screen, using the highly advanced image and text recognition engine (patents pending). WPF, WinForms, Win32, Java, Web – all technologies are supported.

windows-10 windows-8 windows-2012 windows-7 windows-2008 osx-el-capitan osx-yosemite osx-mavericks osx-mountain-lion
unity3d citrix chrome edge firefox salesforce servicenow hp epic
sap safari opera microsoft-net wpf winforms win32 mfc java-awt-swing
activex powershell sharepoint microsoft-dynamics lotus-notes-domino smalltalk opengl webgl sitecore
vmware umbraco joomla drupal devexpress infragistics wordpress amazon-aws microsoft-azure
sybase mono telerik componentone ibm magento shopify silverlight html5
angular java vb6 adobe-air adobe-flash-flex adobe-pdf oracle-forms shopify qt

Devices and platforms
Automate any remote application on both Windows and macOS / OSX operating systems, while building and maintaining your test cases in Leaptest Studio (Windows only). Support for more devices and platforms are coming later in 2016.


Powerful building blocks

Work fluently with images, text and numbers and drive mouse and keyboard actions, allowing you to automate testing quick and visually, even of highly complex remote testing tasks.

Encapsulate and re-use logic with custom building blocks. Build data driven tests with structured and tabular data from external sources. New building blocks are released continuously with new features.

Realtime Dashboard

Get the complete overview from one place. Understand quality trends with highly flexible dashboards. Troubleshoot and fix problems fast before they impact your business.

Scheduled Actions

Create run schedules and monitor web app system health around the clock on both local and remote environments. Get immediate alerts when something fails and setup automatic actions.

Live Reports

Turn data into knowledge. Live Reports is a powerful tool that gives you insight to make the right decisions in less time. Filter out noise and get to the bottom of the real problems faster.

The complete product

  • Single user license with unlimited testing
  • Codeless and visual designer tool
  • All product features and future releases
  • Local and remote testing on any computer
  • 24/7 monitoring and health checks
  • Live reporting and scheduled actions
  • Excellent support and customer service team

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