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Build web automation so fast that your boss thinks you’re cheating

Build codeless web automation with complete Selenium WebDriver support in just minutes by connecting easy to use building blocks into automation flowcharts. Interact effortlessly with web elements across nested iframes, using dropdown and checkboxes, handle challenging DOM changes, XHR requests and much, much more. All without having to write a single line of code.

Selenium is now super easy to use

Leaptest adds a visual designer to Selenium, which means:

  • No more fiddling around with XPATH and nested iframes

  • No need to waste valuable time on writing code

  • No need to understand the Selenium framework

  • No need to understand coding languages like Java and C#

  • Super fast codeless Selenium web automation

  • Point and click web elements on the web page

  • Built-in integration to Sauce Labs and Browserstack

  • Use your existing Selenium Grid with Leaptest

Works with all web applications and technologies

Leaptest works effortlessly with all types of web applications and technologies. For instance, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle, customized PHP, Java and ASP.NET applications and so on.

Need to automate outside the browser? No problem. Combine the force of the Selenium web automation engine with the built-in advanced image and text recognition automation engine, and you can now automate literally anything on screen.

Cross-browser automation on your own computer, Selenium Grid or in the cloud

Start by designing and running web automation cases on your own computer. Then scale up and out by using either an on-site Selenium Grid or cloud services such as Sauce Labs or Browserstack to run in parallel and across browers and platforms.

Powerful web automation blocks

Create rock solid web automation with the ever growing collection of web automation blocks. Fit your requirements effectively and fast without having to write code.

Building web automation with the building blocks is easy and intuitive, and help is always at your hand. Get inspired in our learning center or talk to our live chat agents for help with your web automation.

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