Send E-Mail

The “Send E-Mail” building block is used to send e-mail from within an automation case as it executes.

This can be useful for instance when automating office or monitoring flows but also for debugging purposes.

The e-mails can be customized with to, from, subject and body fields as well as any number of additional extra fields that can be used as tokens inside the other fields. For instance, by adding an extra “field 1”, the body of an e-mail can contain text such as “Hello, [field 1].”

See the HTTP Request lesson for an example of how to use the Send E-mail block in a flow.

It should be noted that “scheduled actions” in the Scheduler can also send e-mail when an automation case is completed. This is typically more useful for reporting¬†failures.¬†Take the Schedule and reports lesson to learn how to configure e-mail as part of a schedule.

Examples of usage:

Author: Claus Topholt, June 6, 2016.