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This section gives you an inspirational insight into web automation, that you can use right away for your own testing requirements.

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Introduction to web automation

Start here to get the overview of web automation in Leaptest.

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Testing the Internet

Watch the solutions to more than 25 web-based test challenges.

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Scheduling web cases

Schedule web cases to run on remote environments.

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Working with the Web Editor – Part 1

Learn how to use the Web Editor for more complex situations.

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Working with the Web Editor – Part 2

A deep dive into the most complex features of the Web Editor

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Use cases and samples

Automating Dynamics CRM

Learn how to automate Dynamics CRM

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Automating ServiceNow

Learn how to automate ServiceNow

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These lessons gives you an inspirational insight, that you can use right away for your own testing requirements.

Create your first desktop test

Follow the steps top create your first desktop automation.

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Automation using image recognition

Understand how to use image recognition for building automation cases.

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Capture text
on screen

Find and Get text from applications using text recognition

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Clicking on elements and text on screen

Click images, elements and text as part of the automation cases.

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Drive mouse actions

Use the mouse to click, hover and drag elements in applications.

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Drive keyboard actions

Insert text, special characters and keystrokes as part of your flows.

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Use numbers and variables

Working with numbers and variables in your flows.

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Schedules and reports

Setup schedules and monitor the result in the reporting section.

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Position and Areas

Use Position and Areas to optimize image and text recognition.

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Use cases and samples

Login Forms

Get input to login to an application

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Working with DropDowns

Get Tips & Tricks to work with Dropdown fields

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Press and hold a key

Press and hold a key while performing other operations.

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Download some ready-to-import samples to see how Leaptest can be used.

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Move beyond to the advanced features in Leaptest. We show you the advanced building blocks in action in real cases.

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Drive data with

Use Excel as a data source for your automation cases.

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Custom Building Blocks

Use Custom Blocks to create reusable blocks and wrap functionality.

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Drive data with databases

Create data-driven automation by integrating databases in your flows.

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Get clipboard content

Use the clipboard to read the text from applications in difficult scenarios.

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HTTP Requests

Call external APIs or web pages and use the result directly in the flows.

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Using the clipboard to insert text

Use the clipboard to insert text into an application.

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Command line automation

Extend your flows with Powershell, bat files etc. using the Command-Line block.

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Get inspiration and input to real-life scenarios with Leaptest.

Adding values to a form

Fill in a form based with values from an external source

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Use the public REST API to integrate your systems with Leaptest. See examples and real-life cases.

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The Public Rest API

A short introduction to the public

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Triggering a schedule

An example of triggering automation cases from external systems.

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Third party integration

Considerations and possibilities when integrating with 3rd party systems.

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HP Quality Center integration

Integration of HPQC with Leaptest using a powershell script

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See an example of how to trigger a Leaptest flow from a Jenkins pipeline.

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Create defects in Jira from Leaptest using a powershell script.

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TFS Integration

Create bugs directly in TFS based on failing test cases.

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Learn how to install Leaptest in various environments and how to work with Leaptest in a team. Dig deeper into the architecture of Leaptest.

Testing on remote environments

Introduction to setting up remote environments.

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Using in

Share cases, building blocks and images within your team.

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and Setup

Download, install and setup Leaptest on a single computer.

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